Monday, June 4, 2012

Living On Your Own

Dear Claire,

One of the best things I ever did was live on my own.  I actually lived on my own for three years in three different cities!  During these years I learned a multitude of things about myself.  I learned that you can quite happily live alone and never be lonely.  I learned that it's wonderful to only have to clean up after yourself.  I learned that it's fantastic to have peace and quiet and equally fantastic to have a group of friends over.

Most importantly, I learned that I can do my own grocery shopping, cooking, and cleaning.  That I could pay my bills, set up my phone, internet and cable, and move my own furniture around whenever I wanted.  I was completely independent and although I made some mistakes along the way, they were my mistakes, and I learned from them.

I learned, above all else, that if for any reason I had to live on my own again - I could, and that is a great feeling.

So at some point live with strangers (who may eventually become your friends), at some point live with friends (who may eventually become strangers), and at some on your own because you will always be you.

Love Mom

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