Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Dear Claire,

One day you will get to enjoy the fun and excitement of going out to bars, dancing, meeting new people, and making great memories with your friends.  This fun is probably going to involve alcohol.  The best choice I ever made when it comes to alcohol was discovering this fantastic drink: Vodlka and Water with two Limes.

Reasons this is the best "drink":

1. Your hydrating yourself with water as you drink!  Hello fun and goodbye headaches and hangovers!

2. This drink has almost zero calories so you won't be gaining weight or getting dehydrated from all the sugar in typical "girl" drinks.

3. Your lips won't be stained some unattractive colour from drinking too many 'Blue Lagoons'.

4. You can switch to just plain water with limes and no one will even know you've stopped drinking.

Love Mom

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