Thursday, May 31, 2012

Jeans - A Wardrobe Staple

Dear Claire,

Without question, blue jeans will always be a staple in your wardrobe.  Jeans are something that can be worn almost anywhere: school, grocery shopping, around the house, and even work!

In saying that however, all jeans are not created equal! 

Rules for wearing jeans:

1. Know what leg style looks best on your body.  Whether it's a straight, wide, skinny, or boot leg, always wear the cut that flatters your body the best.  Sometimes a new cut will be in style, but that doesn't mean you should wear it.  The only thing that will come of wearing a trend that doesn't suit you, is looking back at pictures and saying "yikes...what was I thinking?".

2. Know what style can be worn to different places/events.  Don't wear ripped, low-rise or any other trendy style of jean to work.  It's unprofessional and should be saved for more caual places.

3. High school is the time to have fun with your jeans.  When you're in high school you have a lot of freedom and can wear just about anything.  While I still recommend wearing the cut that flatters your body best, you can have fun with just about everything else.  Wear jeans that are coloured, torn, "washed" any way, adorened with safety pins, graffiti, and just about anything else you can think of.

4. Never wear jeans to a wedding or funeral.  No matter where you live, the size of the event, or the time of day - never, and I mean, NEVER, wear jeans to a wedding or funeral.  This is beyond tacky and will reflect your immaturity and disrespect for these special occasions if you don't take the time to dress appropriately.

Love Mom

p.s. - don't wash your jeans every time you wear them, and when you do, turn them inside-out

Monday, May 28, 2012

Stay Below Your Knees

Dear Claire,

When you're in grade seven or eight, you're probably going to want to start shaving your legs.  This is going to seem like the most fun and exciting thing in the world, and if you take after your dad, shaving is going to be a necessity!

While fun at first, shaving eventually becomes a tedious chore that you won't look forward to anymore.  So here's my advice:

When it comes to shaving your legs, stay below the knee.

That's right, don't try and shave your knees.  They're bumpy and lumpy and you'll never get a smooth shave.  The hair on your thighs is so fine and fair-coloured that you should just let it be.  Remember, even if you shave above your knees once, you're going to have to do it forever.

Lastly, once you're on your own don't cheap out and buy bargain razors.  They don't do a good job and you'll end up cutting yourself and getting razor burn.  Not attractive at all!  Buy a nice razor, use some shaving gel, and you'll always have beautiful, smooth legs.

Love Mom