Thursday, June 14, 2012

Express Yourself

Dear Claire,

For some odd reason some women can't stand it when another woman is successful.  They call her a bitch, say she's controlling, and will say and do anything to knock her off her pedestal.  Don't be like this!  Be a cheerleader for other women and enjoy their successes as if they are your own.  This way, when it is your turn in the spotlight, other women will be praising you.

Fearless Woman #1:  Madonna

Hello - if there is a woman who is known by only her first name then she is some to aspire to be like! The thing about Madonna is this - you may not like her music, her videos, her clothes or shows, but this is a woman who demands respect. She always knows what she wants and she goes for it, whether she is nineteen years old or fifty.  She pushes boundaries even though it may make some people uncomfortable.  She asks questions that some people don't want to answer.  She's not afraid to discuss religion, politics, or sex.  She is the driver of her dreams and her goals and that is why she's been able to accomplish so much. 

Be your own version of Madonna and the sky's the limit kiddo!

Love Mom

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  1. Geez....I wish my mom gave me this great advice. I was in my forties before I figured this one out! xo