Thursday, June 28, 2012

Grandma Love is the Best Love

Dear Claire,

There is something very unique and special about the love of a Grandmother.  Growing up I was lucky to have this special love from my Nani (that's your Grandma's Mom).  Although I  loved my Grandma-Pomeroy very much, I had an exceptionally close relationship with Nani. 

I am so grateful for all the time I spend with my Nani!  When I was a little girl she would take me to McDonald's for chicken mcnuggets (a real treat!), buy me water paints and paper dolls (my favourites!) and always let me look at all her old pictures (my most favourite thing in the whole world to do!).  I would ask her all sorts of questions and she would share with me all her stories of growing up, getting married, having her children, and all the things she learned along the way.

As I got older, we spent our time together differently, I would help her clean her house, take her out for lunch or shopping, and talk on the phone (she loved celebrity gossip!).  What I felt most from Nani was unconditional love.  She wouldn't lecture, or nag, or offer advice when it wasn't asked for.  As your mother, I reserve the right to do those things.  I will lecture, nag, and offer advice (hello! I'm writing a whole blog of un-asked for advice!).  I will do these things and still love you unconditionally; it might just not always feel that way.

I hope that you have a special relationship with your Grandma Pomeroy;  there is so much you can learn from and with her.

She can teach you how to sew, quilt and smock.  How to cook the best lasagna and spare ribs.  How to bake the best apple crisp, cherry-cheesecake, and short-bread cookies.  How to make jam, preserve pickles and beets.  How to plant the most beautiful garden and how to perfectly arrange flowers in a vase or bowl.

But the true learning will come from the conversations you have while doing these things together.

You can ask Grandma about living in Vanessa and Tillsonburg and what it was like going to a one-room school house!  Ask about the witch who ran the store where she bought candy from.  Find out what it was like living on a farm and all the animals they had.  Ask about going to Huron Park and what subject she liked the most - she'll even tell you who her favourite teacher was.  Find out how she burned her leg and had to wear pants all summer so that her parents wouldn't find out what happened.  Ask how she met Grandpa and why she couldn't drink alcohol at their wedding.  Ask what Mommy and Auntie Andrea were like as little babies, children, and teenagers.

Ask, ask, ask.

I promise you, these will be the best conversations you ever have, and you'll look back one day and be so grateful that you had them.

Love you non-stop,

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