Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Life B.C.

Dear Claire,

You're probably thinking by the title of this post that it's going to be about Life Before Claire.  

Nope.  I can barely remember what that was like!

It's actually about Life Before Cells.  Not the tiny ones floating around inside of you!  Cell Phones.

I don't know what communication devices are going to be like by the time you're a young adult, but trust me, you don't want to have one with you all the time.

I actually consider myself really lucky because I went to high school and university before everyone and their seven-year old had a cell phone.  Believe me, those really were the days.

Why?  Because I left my house on a Friday night, crammed into a car with four other friends, and nobody's parents could get a hold of us!  It was bliss.  You made it home by curfew, parents would ask a few questions, and you could tell them most (okay, some) of the truth.  Best part - there was no evidence.  There was no cell phone with a GPS being carried around all night. There weren't a hundred pictures that were taken only hours earlier to scroll through.  There weren't texts from twenty people to read over. And they couldn't just go check out my Facebook or Instagram to see what I'd really been up to. Freedom!!!

Not only do I love how there was no evidence for my parents to see/read, I loved how there's no evidence for anyone to see/read!  High School is a bit of a gong show, and not one that I want myself, or the whole world, to have to re-live with me!  

But the absolute best time to not have a cell phone with you at all times?  University.

Being able to make some plans with some friends, head out to the bar, and just see what happens is a kind of freedom that is difficult to find these days.  Seriously, we would go out with a few people and then just let the night happen.  We might run into more friends, we might not. We might decide to leave one place and go to another so we just would.  We didn't have to text a bunch of people and let them know.  

The best part of that freedom was that we could talk to new people and make new friends because there was nothing holding us back.  There wasn't a friend who was going to be angry because we didn't call/text them back.  No one was going to see tons of pictures of us the next day and know our every move from the night before.  And when things weren't going great with a boyfriend I never received a series of angry texts that would ruin my night.

Ahhh, Freedom.

It really was great, just "being" out in the world, without technology cramping the fun.

So Claire, whatever your communication device is ten and fifteen years from now, I really encourage you to leave it at home when you're out with your friends.  It may feel strange, but trust me, you'll never find that kind of freedom again, it only exists for a short time so seize it while you can.