Monday, October 1, 2012

Don't Date a Doormat

Dear Claire,

At some point in your life, you may get the idea in your head that the perfect boyfriend is one that will do anything and everything for you.

He will buy you exactly what you want.

He will always let you pick the movie to see and the restaurant to eat at.

He will say, exactly what you want to hear, whenever you're upset.

In theory this sounds wonderful; in practice, it's a disaster.

You can't be in a successful relationship with someone who gives into your every whim. 

You will not grow as a couple if you get to win every arguement and things always end in your favor.  And, after some time, you will lose respect for this boyfriend because he has discouraged you from maturing and becomming half of a true partnership.

What you need is someone who will challenge you to become a better person.  Someone who will stand up to your faults and support you in improving them.  Someone who insists that he gets to pick the movie and the restaurant sometimes.

In other need to date someone who has a backbone that is equally strong as your own.

Love you when you're with your equal,

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