Thursday, October 25, 2012

S.E.X. Part 1

Dear Claire,

I don't know why, but writing this to you is sooo scary!  I realize that right now, you're just a little girl, and the "real" sex talks will come later one.  But..I kind of wonder if I'd be more likely to tell you the truth while you're little and it feels so far away.

There's so much to think and talk and wonder about when it comes to sex, so this is definitely going to be a series of tidbits that hopefully, you'll take pieces of when it comes to the decisions that you make.

Okay, Mom, breathe. know I love hanging out with the girls right?  I'm always off to "ladies nights" and "book clubs" and really my number one hobby is chatting the night away with my girlfriends.

In all of those hours, and hours, and hours logged, dishing all the dirt, sharing all of our stories and secrets, not one woman has ever said this sentance "the best sex I ever had was in high school".

Just sayin'.

Love you even though you're going to grow up one day.

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  1. so so so true my friend :D Loving today's post. Also - better watch what you write about book club - Adam still thinks we talk about the book ;) LOL

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  3. just found your blog - what a great idea!

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  5. Love this post, and sooooo true about the highschool thing! haha

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