Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bite Your Tongue - And Hard Too!

Dear Claire,

Because you have a pulse this is going to happen to you at some point...listen carefully.

One day, a boy is going to break-up with one of your good friends.

Some boy, who is kinda useless, often annoying, and definitely not reliable is going to end a relationship with your amazing, wonderful friend.

You are going to want to shout "horray" from the rooftops!  Don't.  When your friend tells you what has happened, do not say that you never really liked the boy, that she could do a lot better, and do not list all his terrible qualities.

You will be sooo tempted to do this, but trust me, it's a bad idea.


Because there's about a 75% chance that they're going to get back together and if they do, your friend is going to know how you really feel about the guy.  Talk about putting strain on a friendship.

Honesty is not always the best policy, especially during a break-up.

So, what should you say to your upset friend?

Just tell her that you love her, that you understand, and that you're here to listen.  Eat ice cream with her, go shopping, listen to her complain about the guy, just be there for her.  Don't worry about him; worry about supporting your friend.

But seriously, don't bash him, because they'll probably be kissing in the school hallway again by the end of the week.

Love you when you're there for a friend,

Poor Sienna....Jude slept with the Nanny and they still got back together?!?

Everyone is glad these two got back together...I mean who else can you picture Pink with?

This is youth-in-so-called-love-train-wreck at it's best.  It won't last, but I'm not going to be the one to tell Robbie.

Claire - hopefully you have zero idea of who these people are.  If so, the world has been re-stored to it's rightful order.  (But it was really fun while it lasted!)

Even my favourite couple once broke up!  But we all know that was Kate showing him that he needed to hurry up and make her a princess.

The 2012 Olympic Closing Ceremonies proved that, yes, anyone, can get back together. (Especially for the right amount of money)


  1. Oh boy this is SO TRUE!!! I've also made this mistake...and it wasn't pretty.

  2. yes!! this is true!! and solid advice...I should pass this along to my kids.
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    happy weekend.

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