Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Do Something!

Dear Claire,

One thing people love to do is complain about the state of the world. 

Lord knows why, but people love to sit around, talking about how awful young people these days are (guess what people - your grandparents said the same about you!), how violence is out of control, and everywhere you turn people are out of work, living in poverty, or struggling with addiction.

It's like a constant moan of doomsday.

Well, in your mother's humble opinion, it is okay to complain about the world...but only if you're willing to do something to help make it better!

That's right, if you're upset about poverty, than you need to be volunteering at a shelter or collecting donations for the local food bank.

If you're worried about people dying from curable diseases in third world countries, than find an organization that offers free immunizations and donate money to them right now.

If you think young people are going down the drain than become a "Big Sister" and make a difference.

It's really important to volunteer and there's always a need for more, so I really encourage you to find a cause that you're passionate for and help out in any way you can.

It doesn't matter if you can't donate thousands of dollars, if you can collect ten pairs of mittens and donate them to a local school or homeless shelter, than you've made a difference in the lives of those ten people. 

Love you so much when I see you helping someone else,

To my lovely readers...what causes are you passionate about?  Do you volunteer or donate to a favourite charity?


  1. Nice post - I used to volunteer with Big Sisters. It was such a nice way to get involved with young kids that need friendship/guidance. Totally agree with you - no complaining unless you plan to take action!

  2. Hey I nominated you for an award!
    Come check it out :)

    1. That is so nice! Thanks so much :)