Tuesday, July 31, 2012

So Gross

Dear Claire,

Here's something that's absolutely horrifying: beautiful girls making themselves ugly.  How do they do it?

One word - spitting.

Spitting is the most disgusting habit.  It looks ugly, sounds ugly, and leaves an ugly spot on the sidewalk for some innocent person to later walk through.

When I was in grade eight, there was a girl who spit approximately thirty times each recess. Seriously, recess was only fifteen minutes long, and she'd spend at least twenty-five percent of it spitting. 

I don't know if she had some kind of "over-producing saliva" illness or just the desire to look tough, but either way, it was nasty. 

Anyway, the sick part is this.  She was such a cute girl, she was funny and full of life.  But my God, did that spitting make her look awful, not to mention our little piece of concrete that would be covered in her bodily fluids each day.

Please don't spit Claire, there is nothing attractive, or necessary about it.

Oh and p.s. - if you ever spit on someone - you will be in more trouble than you can imagine.

Lecture over - Love you!


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