Friday, July 27, 2012

My Prayer for You

Dear Claire,

One of my prayers for you, is that at some point, preferably between the ages of nine and fifteen, you become enthralled with a boy band.

There is no greater feeling (maybe I'm slightly exaggerating) then being "in love" with a boy band.  Here's why:

#1. There are usually a few boys in the group and you get to pick which one you like the best.  You'll probably have a lot of things in common with him like eating ice cream and swimming at the beach.

#2.  Whenever your bored or can't fall asleep, you can plan out exactly what you will say to him if you meet.  This conversation will always go wonderfully and will end with him asking you out on a date.

#3.  Until you meet him in real life you can simply talk to the doll version of him.

#4.  A boy band is the perfect (and possibly only) excuse to by copious amounts of Bop and Tiger Beat magazines.  I, as your mother, will happily indulge in this with you and will let you put up posters all over your room (using sticky tack).

#5. You can learn all the words to all their songs; once you've accomplished this you'er an official fan.

#6. You can learn all their dance moves and then perform them for your Dad, Jack, and I.  We will love it!

#7. Not only can you go to their concert when they're at their height; you can check them out again twenty years later at their reunion tour!

Boy Bands.  Amen.

Love you!


  1. No problem at all! I am concerned with Online Boutiques who try to link-up so that people will come buy from them, which is not the intent of my Friday Faves link-up! It's a great way for other bloggers to meet and get exposure. I'd love to have you post a Friday Faves and link-up with me! Welcome to the blogging world ... it took me MONTHS to finally get the hang of it but you will! Let me know if I can help you with any new blogger advice. And my button is on the right hand side of my blog. You can grab the code from there. Thank you so much for following and for commenting! Have a great weekend! XOXOX


    1. That makes me feel so much better! This blogging world is amazing but there is so much to figure out :)

      See you next Friday :)