Thursday, July 12, 2012


Dear Claire,

As you grow out of your childhood you are going to find that, in general, life gets more complicated.  As these complexities begin to find their way into your daily life you will find it more and more difficult to live in the moment and really enjoy each experience for what it is.

I think the definition of childhood is simply a person who can live in the exact moment that they're in, all day, every day.  This becomes harder to do as we age and take on more responsibilities and build more relationships.

It's absolutely crucial however, that you don't entirely lose this gift of being in the moment, especially in times of pure joy and contentment.

There are only a few times, looking back (I'm 31 years old right now!) that I really sat inside my feelings of joy.  Only a handful of moments, that I really focused on all of my senses so that I would remember, not the details, but the actual feelings of joy I was having.

I can remember with absolute clarity driving to Port Dover, with my best friends in high school on a summer day.  The sunroof was open, I was in the middle-back seat and we had the radio blaring as we sang along to every song the whole way there. 

I can remember sitting at my desk looking out the window at 555 Water Street in Peterborough doing my "reading" for the week.  I remember knowing that this way of life, of reading, thinking, sharing, and writing being my only work, was so incredible and that it would not last forever.  In that moment I felt one-hundred percent contentment and so grateful to have this part of my life.

One of the best pieces of advice I received was right before our wedding day, it was to step back, at several points throughout the day, and take everything in.  I'm so glad I remembered to do that because this entire day was pure joy and I can still feel my cheeks hurting at the end of the night from smiling so much.

The early morning you were born I remember like it was  yesterday.  That day, without a doubt, was the happiest moment of my life.  I had never been so overwhelmed with feelings of immediate love until they placed you on my chest.  I just kept you there for almost an hour and I'm so glad I just let time go by because that moment can never exist again, except within me.

I love you beauty and I pray that you will have so many moments of happiness to look back on.

Mommy and Daddy getting married...such a great day!

You only a few hours little love at first sight

Mommy in university with her fantastic friend Krista...pure dancing joy!

Mommy with Leanne...happiness is when you can tell someone anything and they'll still love you!  In this picture we had our whole lives in front of us and we were just so excited to get started :)

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