Thursday, July 5, 2012

Fearless Woman #3 - The One You're Related To

Dear Claire,

Don't be fooled by all of my 'Fearless Woman' entries being about famous people thus far!  You don't have to become a mega star to be fearless; the proof is in the women around you. 

Believe it or not, you come from a long line of many fearless women!  Now before we go into details it is important to know there is a huge difference between being fearless and being reckless.  Most women are reckless at some point in life, mostly between ages 14-24, when you will most likely make some pretty crazy (and sometimes dangerous!) choices.  Being reckless is part of growing up, and for the most part it's imperative because you will learn from some of these impulsive decisions (hopefully the first time around and with very little physical and emotional damage).  Being fearless however, means making a conscious decision, and even though you know the journey and the end point will be difficult, you do it anyway, because you believe the lasting outcome will be worth it.

Fearless Female Relative #1: Dr. Andrea Pomeroy (also known as Auntie Andrea)

Auntie Andrea is a real brainy butt-kicker!  After spending years doing a ton of environment saving/protection projects she moved all the way to Vancouver, BC and earned her PH.D!  Can you imagine being only 23 years old and moving all the way across the country alone?  She didn't know a single person living there!  Since then she's challenged herself by speaking at huge conferences, spending 3 months in a tent in Alaska, and climbing to the top of an 80 metres high wind turbine. 

Fearless Female Relative #2: Aunt Jeannie

Aunt Jeannie is fearless in a whole other realm; she is fearless with her emotions and her heart. Many years ago Aunt Jeannie had two wonderful children, Tammy Shannon and Shane Aaron.  Unfortunately, they were both born with a very rare, and at the time, unknown illness.  The illness had no name and only the symptoms, not the cause, could be treated.  These beautiful children spent many of their days living in the hospital until they passed away, Shannon at seventeen months old and Shane, shortly after his second birthday.  
Losing a child is the most horrific thing any mother can imagine; it is a pain that I literally cannot describe and pray I never have to.  
Eighteen years later, Aunt Jeannie decided to have another baby.  Medical innovations had occurred and the illness that she had lost both Shannon and Shane to had now been named and the cause determined. Despite her fears and the overwhelming pain of losing two children, Jeannie decided to make an extremely courageous decision and brought little Samantha into the world.  This is a fearlessness that only mothers who have been through the same suffering can understand.  Jeannie was brave beyond belief in her willingness to once again open her heart to a new life and nurture a new love.


Fearless Female Relative #3:  Teaghan Frauley

Did you know that your cousin Teaghan is a true warrior?  When she was just three years old Teaghan was diagnosed with Leukemia.  We were all so worried about her because she seemed so small to be so sick.  Little did we know that even though she was only a toddler; Teaghan was a fearless woman-in-training!  She was so brave through all the pokes and prodding, through the vomitting and exhaustion, and even through losing her hair.  Since then Teaghan has helped her family raise tens of thousands of dollars and donated all of it to The Hospital For Sick Kids - what an amazing young woman!  Here's a picture of her on her "Officially Cured" day:

Well Claire-Bear, these are just three of your 'Fearless Female Relatives'; there are many more!  Can you imagine what it would have been like for your Great-Nani Goepfrich to get on a boat and move all the way from Hungary to Canada?  What about your Great-Nana Chessum who took wonderful care of her husband who was paralyzed at a young age?  You even have a Great-Aunt Cathy who helps run an orphanage living in Sierra Leone!  You have so many amazing women in your family so you will never have to look far for inspiration.  Just think - being fearless is in your blood!  You were born fearless so it is up to you to rise to the challenge that you choose.

Love you a hundred times,

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