Monday, July 16, 2012


Dear Claire,

One of the most important things you'll ever do is choose your friends.  You can choose friends who will make your life more stressful.  These are the friends who will create drama on a daily basis, who will talk about you behind your back, and who you'll never truly be able to rely on or trust.  Or you can choose the other type of friends, those who will actually make your life much easier and enjoyable. 

Now don't worry if you lose some friends along the way.  Some people aren't meant to travel life's whole journey with you.  Just like your hopes and dreams, your friends will change too.  Some friends will fit into all the seasons of your life, and others just belong in the beginning, the middle, or the end.  The important thing is, that you have friends for each part.  Someone to share your peaks and valleys with.  And if a friend isn't there for you in the valley, then as disappointing as it is, you know in your heart that they aren't meant to be your friend any longer.

How to Recognize a True Friend:

1. A friend will not leave you at a party, bar, or store without letting you know first.

2. If you are too intoxicated, a friend will not leave you at a party or bar no matter what.

3. Regardless of how their life is at the moment, a friend will be happy for you when things are going well in yours.  Feeling joy and not jealousy is the mark of a true friend!

4. A friend won't date your ex-boyfriend because deep down, you may still like him just a little bit, and she values your friendship way more.

5. A friend will let you copy their homework 10 minutes before class.

6. A friend will love you despite your faults, quirks, and bad habits. 

7. A friend will understand that once you have a boyfriend you're going to spend less time with her. Even though it's a really crappy feeling, she'll still be there for you and won't hold it against you. 

8. A friend will stick up for you whether you're there to hear it or not.

9. A friend won't tell you the truth if it's going to hurt you, unless you really need to hear it.

10. A friend will listen to you talk/cry/complain for hours about your ex-boyfriend and still be there for you if you get back together with him (even though she knows you're going to break-up again).

11. A friend knows that you're going to grow, and that means changing.  A true friend will love you even more as you change and will enjoy getting to know the new you each time. all my readers...add your "true friend definition" for Claire in the comment section! You can use your account or just post under 'anonymous' if you want :)

Love you and love your friends!


  1. Dear Claire: Your mom did a great job listing qualities of a true friend. I couldn't come up with any that weren't already listed, however, I would like to highlight number 6 on the list. I think this is one of the most important aspects of being a friend. There will always be things that bother/annoy you about other people (this is obviously a two-way street). Being able to simply accept those flaws/quirks and love someone anyway will help make a lasting friendship...and an overall better world ;)

  2. Jessica - This is a good rule for family relationships too!