Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Timeless Tuesday - Change

Dear Claire,

Guess what girl!  Change is good and thank goodness it's timeless!  In my thirty-one years I've seen so much technological change it's crazy - I can barely keep up.

But change is good, and you should always go with it and try to learn all that is new because you know what isn't timeless?  A stale brain - so fill it up whenever you can!

Our family's first computer - the popular Commodore 64....  ,8,1 LOAD (I'll explain this to you one day)

This phone was in our house...I can still hear the sound of the dial turning back

This was the phone I wanted more than anything!  My cousin Sonja had one and it lit up when it rang.  Talk about technolgy!

We moved up to this computer in the early 90's...This is where I would "two-finger type" my high school essays and then have to print them out on that crazy paper with the peel off holes.  We thought it was great because the floppy disks were no longer floppy.

This is what my first cell phone looked like (and p.s. I didn't have one until I was twenty-four years old!)

Anyway...now that you've had a great laugh...just know this...everything changes. And be glad or we'd still all be calling it the 'world wide web' all the time and I'd be messaging you on something called ICQ.

Love you when you can teach me how to use the newest tech device!

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