Friday, August 31, 2012

One Trend at a Time

Dear Claire,

The other day I saw a picture of myself in grade seven.

I'm wearing:

-short denim overalls with one of the straps undone and half the bib folded down

-white hi-top L.A. Gear shoes with multi-coloured shoelaces

-a purple fanny pack

-a Chicago Bulls hat

You can't see the back of my head in the picture, but I'm fairly certain there is a "scrunchie" back there.

This is a picture of tragedy.  Tragedy in epic proportions.

I'm pretty sure that one or two trends at a time will do. 

Try wearing the "in" colour and then one other trend and you will look stylish, on point, and like you just might know what you're doing.

Anything more than two is overkill.  You'll look like you're trying too hard.

Trying too hard in fashion is the kiss of death.  Avoid this death whenever possible.

Love you even if you mess this one're only twelve once.

p.s. - I wonder if Paris Hilton ever cries when she google-images herself?


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