Thursday, August 30, 2012

Don't Shit Where You Eat

Dear Claire,

My apologies honey for the foul language in the title, but hopefully it wakes you up a bit.

Unless you fall into one of these categories:

You're over twenty eight-years old (this is the age when your colleagues might begin to take you seriously).

You've been at this same workplace for three years or more (you've established some credibility).

You only have one year to live (if this is the case, you can do absolutly anything, and no one will say a word).

If none of these apply to you...then trust me...avoid the at-work relationship for now.  There are so many people in the world, why worry about running into an 'ex' each day at the photocopier.

Love ya doll,


  1. In a few RARE cases - it pays to date a co-worker when you're under 28 (18 to be exact) and have only been at the job for a couple of months! LOL...yes, Claire, I'm talking about myself.

    1. LOL
      I was actually going to put something that if it's some crummy-go-nowhere job than do whatever you want! What's the worse that can happen? She misses the big promotion to drive-thru!