Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Have a Best Friend (or two or three)

Dear Claire,

Having a best friend is crucial.  Find one immediately.

Okay, maybe that's a bit dramatic, but here's the thing: you are going to need someone to talk to.

There are going to be days (and maybe even months) when you don't want to talk to me or daddy about things that are bothering you, exciting you, or just weighing on your mind. You'll need a bestie to talk with.

There are going to be times when your boyfriend or husband is driving you crazy and you'll really need someone to vent to.  Call your bestie!

There are going to be times when you're own children are slowly pushing you towards the insane asylum.  Call your bestie!

One of mommy's dearest friends in the world is Leanne and she's not feeling well today so let's dedicate this post to her and maybe it will cheer her up!

Here are some great reasons to have a best friend (and some silly things that Mommy and Leanne have experienced)

#1) Someone to plan your life with!  You can throw out all sorts of wild and wonderful ideas about where you want your life to head and this person will support you 99%.  I say 99% because a real bestie will tell you when you've really lost the plot and help you get back on track. (ask Leanne about the condo with the fire-man pole...we may still purchase one for our retirement years)

#2) Someone to have sleepovers with!  Horray for sleepoves!  Sleepovers are the best time to share your secrets, your hopes, and your hangups.  You can laugh, watch cheesy movies, and maybe even gossip for a few minutes. (ask Leanne about our very first sleepover)

#3) Someone to shop with.  Nothing else needs to be said about this one.

#4) Someone to plan your wedding with.  Let's be honest, chances are that your finace isn't going to care about flowers, place cards, or the proper etiquette for hosting a bridal shower.  Insert your best friend who will gladly obsess over each of these details with you. (ask Leanne about all the crazy wedding mishaps...including Mommy throwing up 4 times the morning of Leanne's wedding due to a teeny-tiny Claire in my belly)

#5) Someone to gently tell you the truth.  This person will kindly let you know when they're worried about something you're doing.  They'll be honest with you when you ask them to be, especially about a precarious haircut or boyfriend who you know, deep down, you should probably break up with. (I'm sure Leanne will happily tell you about a few duds I dated before meeting Daddy)

#6) Someone who will never judge you because they love you!  Your best friend may not always agree with everything you do, but she will love you regardless.  She won't judge you, or remind you about past bad decisions, she'll just be there for you.  So make sure you're there for her too!

Love you Claire, Love your best friend, and Love you Leanne!

Mom and Lindsay


  1. Clearly this is my favourite post yet!
    Claire I have so many stories for you when you're a bit older! I agree, there will be moments in your life when a true friend is all you need. There's nothing like a lifetime friend.
    Leanne xo

  2. oh this is so so so true! crucial!


    love & cheer from thechiffondiary.com :)