Monday, April 22, 2013

Claire's Forensic Portrait

Dear Claire,

Lately this video has been circulating the internet in a big way:

After watching this (and tearing up like every other woman!) I immediately thought of you, my little beauty.

Right now, I'm sitting with an imaginary forensic artist.  This is what I have told her so that she can draw you perfectly.

1. Claire is three-feet tall, this is the perfect height for reaching counter tops, peeking out windows, and riding a tricyle.

2. Claire has dark brown hair that flows to-and-fro when she runs outside, goes down slides, and goes way up high on a swing.

3. Claire has happy-shiny eyes that have a beautiful sparkle radiating from them.  They especially shine everytime she sees someone she loves, small animals, and jumps on her bed.

4. Claire has a cute nose that seems to be very good at smelling any kind of baked goods.

5. Claire has a perfectly shaped mouth and lips and she often turns her tongue into a taco.  She is extremly skilled at making her mouth do strange things like opening super-duper wide, making click-clack sounds, and getting chocolate and candies to disappear in it.

6. Claire has two very nice strong arms.  She can carry almost anything she tries, she can pull herself up on to the play equipment, and she can give great, big, long, wonderful hugs.

7. Claire has a great tummy and back, she can roll around on them, bend to do summersaults, and enjoys being tickled on either. Most importantly, Claire's beautiful heart is safely nestled between them, ready to give kisses at any request.

8. Claire has two strong legs that make her run fast, jump high, and dance happily wherever she goes.

9. Claire has ten perfect toes that she likes to be counted and tickeled every now and then.

10. I almost forgot!  Claire has the most wonderfully shaped head in the world!  It is perfect at containing the best part of her - her brain!  Her brain is fantastic, too amazing to be drawn accurately!  It holds all of her great ideas (dressing dolls, playing house, going on adventures), it is home to her talents (making people laugh, doing puzzles, colouring,) and displays all of her feelings (happy, excited, grumpy when she gets her hair brushed).

This is how I see you...I hope you see yourself the same way :)

Love Mom

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