Thursday, February 21, 2013

Wired for Struggle

Dear Claire,

Life is not always easy.  Things, crazy things, hard things, sad things, and really odd things, are going to be thrown at you.  As your mother it is my natural instinct to want to protect you from all of these things.

It's my instinct to want to jump in, rescue you, and save the day!

I will. And I won't.

If you're in immediate danger - I'm there for you kiddo.  If you've fallen way down the rabbit hole - I'm there for you kiddo.  If you ask for help - I'm there for you kiddo.

But...all humans are wired for struggle.  You are meant to fall down, you are meant to have your heart broken, you are meant to get picked last for the team.  You are meant to fail a test, come fourth place, and lose friends along the way.

Your brain wants you to get back up, it will help you find love again, and it will encourage you to try again, and it will lead you to new friendships.

Your brain will stop doing all these amazing and wonderful things for you, if I am always there to do them for you.  Your brain likes practice.  Your brain needs to learn from each of your little struggles so that it is there to help you when the big ones come along.

And the truth is, I can't always be there for you.  That's why you have you.  And you, are the strongest, most capable, most brave, most "cry for a bit and then pick yourself back up" person ever.  I know you're this way because it's genetic.  It's in your DNA.  You were born strong and everything you'll ever need can be found inside of you. 

So I encourage you to embrace the struggles!  Meet them at the front door, welcome them in and learn from them.  This is the best way to live and the only way to learn.  Triumph is not in the easy wins, it lies in the struggle.

Can't wait to watch you overcome,
Love Mom.


  1. beautiful Lindsay! love your blog :)

  2. Wish we didn't have to watch them struggle especially when they are little, but it is the only way they will learn. They have to learn or life will hit them HARD! Great post! Following along!