Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bye Bye Two

Dear Claire,

Today is your very, very, very last day of ever being two years old!  When I told you that this morning you just laughed hysterically and than said "I happy Mommy"!  I think you're happy because you know we're going out for supper tomorrow night with Grammy and Grampy and you will get a few gifts.

So far, two has been your best year yet.  You learned your letters, you took dance lessons, you went ice skating, you went to the zoo and swam at the beach.  You made snow angels, went sledding, and can even print some letters!  You even got a baby brother - what a busy year you had...i'm tired just thinking about it!

Here are my predictions for 'Claire Age 3'

1. You will be an absolute showstopper in your spring dance recital
2. You will stop crying when we shampoo your hair (please)
3. You will learn to print your name (you've already got the 'C' and 'A' and 'I')
4. You will become even more hilarious with your wild jokes and funny facial expressions
5. You will race down the sidewalk on your tricycle
6. You will swim all by yourself
7. You will continue making Daddy have a time-out on the stairs when he is bad...usually once a day.
8. You will cuddle more with Mommy and not just when you're tired or not feeling well (please)
9. You will help Jack learn to walk, blow a kiss, and sit next to him on the swing set
10. You will keep being my very big, very special, very kind, very funny, and very smart most favourite girl.

Gosh - time flies...look how little you used to be!
Happy Almost Birthday!
Love Mom

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